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CWC Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract


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निविदा सं

Tender No.

कार्य का विवरण

Name of Work

कार्यालय का नाम

Name of Office

अंतिम तारीख

Last Date of acceptance


No. 24/1/HOC-N/2011/2415- 35 Dated: 24.10.2011 AMC of Computers etc. Hydrological Observation Circle  A – 17, Sector–56, Noida 201301 (UP) on or before 04/11/2011 up to 1500 hrs.
i=kad% eq0&02@exae&2@ds0t0vk0@ y[k@2011@9990 - 95 fnukad% 30@09@2011 Comprehensive maintenance of two nos. Canon photocopy machine dk;kZy; vf/k'kklh vfHk;ark e/; xaxk eMy&2] dsanzh; Hkou]y[kuĹ  gky la0&3] f}rh; ry] vyhxat 14-10-2011 d® 15-00 cts (vijkUg) rd
DD/DB/Tender/2011-12 / 3163-74 Dated: 26/09/2011 Construction of Cabin at Telemetry station, Jamalpur Office of Executive Engineer, Damodar Division, Asansol -713304 Upto 15.00 hrs of 18.10.2011
No. SID/HQ-22/NIT-01/2011-12 Dated: Sep-2011 Special repair of TATA Truck No. SK-03-0557 Executive Engineer, Sikkim Investigation Division, Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkim Upto 15.00 hrs of 03.10.2011
No. 24/1/HOC-N/2011-12/2073-76 Dt.06/09/2011 AMC for IT items Hydrological Observation Circle  A – 17, Sector–56, Noida 201301 (UP) on or before 19.09.2011 up to 1500 hrs.
UGBO/LKO/JE-08/2011/2342-51 Dt.25/08/2011 AMC for maintenance of   computer,printer,UPS & peripharals Office of chief engineer upper ganga basin    organization  21/496 Indira Nagar Lucknow 02/09/2011
No.UYD/Computer/2011/4150-58 Dated, 12.08.11 A. M.C. of Computers and Printers installed at Kalindi Bhawan, New Delhi. Upper Yamuna Division Kalindi Bhawan,  New Delhi-110016 on or before 23.08.2011 upto 15.00 hours
No. UYD/KB-2/ 2011/3767-87 Dated 22.07.2011 operation and maintenance of fire fighting and alarm systems Upper Yamuna Division ,Kalindi Bhawan,  New Delhi-110016 03.08.2011 (16:00 hours)
No. UYD/KB- 8/2011/3788-3808 Dated 22.07.2011 Providing round the clock watch& ward services totelemetrystations Upper Yamuna Division ,Kalindi Bhawan,  New Delhi-110016 05.08.2011 (15:00 hours)
No. UYD/KB-8/2011/3809-30 Dated 22.07.2011 providing round the clockWatch & Ward services to the Government building & Materials . Upper Yamuna Division ,Kalindi Bhawan,  New Delhi-110016 05.08.2011 (15:00 hours)
No. CD-J/HQ-1 /2010/ Dated Providing round the clock watch & ward services CHAMBAL DIVISION, JAIPUR 84/93-96, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer Jaipur (Rajasthan) 28.07.2011 (16:00 hours)
MID/JEHQ-20/2011-12/1286-93  Photography (5” x 7”) work MEGGHNAINVEESTIGATIOON DIVISIOONSHILLLONG 28-006-2011 up to15.00hrs
MID/JEHQ-20/2011-12/1278-85  Hiring of vehicles etc. MEGGHNAINVEESTIGATIOON DIVISIOONSHILLLONG 28-006-2011 up to15.00hrs


Repair of SMIDteel Boat Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneshwar 18/06/2011


Renovation and repairing to site office Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneshwar 18/06/2011

ERD/AB/NIQ/11/ 799-802

Renovation of Toilet Rooms etc Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneshwar 18/06/2011
5/43/2011-PCP/1498-  150203/06/2011

Annual Maintenance Contract of digital EPABX system

PCP Directorate 211,New Delhi Sewa Bhawan, R.K. Puram New Delhi 13.06.2011


No. 102/06/NIQ/2011/

Quotation for repair of Vehicle

Planning & Investigation Division NH.IV, Faridabad 20-06-11


24/1/HOC-N/2011-12/ 500&512

Repairing of furniture

Hydrological Observation Circle A – 17, Sector–56, Noida 201301 (UP) 17.06.2011 up to 1500 hrs.

   NIT for electrical works

Hydrological Observation Circle Noida  17.06.2011 up to 1500 hrs
No. DD/HQ/Quotation/2011/ 939-49 Dated : 07 .06.2011.&924-33 Dt.07.06.2011

printing of forms etc

DAMODAR DIVISION, ASANSOL  by 1500 Hrs on 13.06.2011




UYD/KB-2/ 2011/2861-81 Operation and maintenance of fire fighting and alarm systems UPPER YAMUNA DIVISION 02.06.2011 (16:00 hours)
No. 22/6/2011-PCP/902-11 Dated 10/05/2011 Annual Maintenance Contract of Ericsson BP250 with all accessories of EPABX system including repairing of telephone (intercom) instruments P C P Directorate 27/05/2011


 Renovation and repairing to site office at Talcher G&D site. Prachi Tarangini Bhawan, Bhubaneswar 12/05/2011

No.03/Lib./AD-II (HQ)/PCP/2011-12/679-84

"Upkeeping(Cleaning&sweeping)of CWC New library building,  CWC, R.K.Puram, NewDelhi. PCP Dte Sewa Bhawan R.K.Puram New Delhi. 18/05/2011
24/1/HOC-N/2011-12/1107-16 Repair of Vehicle No. RJ-14-4C-0689 (Maruti Gypsy)” HOC Noida 16/05/2011
SHD/CWC/325/2011/662-68 Annual Maintenance Service for Photocopier Machine (model No. 5216) Snow Hydrology Division, Shimla 29/04/11
10-25(AMC-DC)/PCP/2010-11/621-26 Maintenance of Desert Coolers of CWC (HQ) R.K.Puram, New Delhi during summer-2011 PCP Directorate, CWC New Delhi 29/03/2011
YUD/KB-2/2010/1689-1709 Operation and maintenance of fire fighting and alarm system at Kalindi Bhawan Upper Yamuna Division, New Delhi 18/03/11


AMC of FAX Machines PCP Dte, New Delhi 04/03/11
DD/HQ/WO/2011/588-97          AMC of this office computers, printers & its peripherals for one year


UYD/HQ-6/2010/1025-44 Repairing and Overhauling of Water Current meters Upper Yamuna Division, Delhi 28/02/11
मु-02 /मगंम-1 /के.ज.आ. /लख./2010-11/737-42 Repairing of T & P Articles मध्य गंगा मंडल-प्रथम, लखनऊ 21/02/11


Repair, servicing & maintenance of UPS

Hydrological Observation Circle, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat 17/02/11



Repair, servicing & maintenance of Server

Hydrological Observation Circle, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

मु-02 /मगंम-1 /के.ज.आ. /लख./2010-11
मध्य गंगा मंडल-प्रथम, लखनऊ 18/02/11
SHD/CWC/325/5109-14 AMC of computers, printers and UPS installed at, office O/o The Executive Engineer, Snow Hydrology Division, Snow Hydrology Sub-Division, CWC, Kasumpti, Shimla Snow Hydrology Division, Kasumpti, Shimla 30/12/10
24/1/HOC-9/2010-11/2235-54 AMC for Guard on Line UPS at Regional Water Quality Laboratory, HOC, CWC, Kalindi Bhawan, B-5, Tara Crescent Road, Qutab Institutional Area. New Delhi. Hydrological Observation Circle 10/12/10