Lower Ganga Basin Organization

Lower Ganga Basin Organization (LGBO), Patna, Bihar LGBO, Patna is responsible for

  • 1. Observation of hydrological and hydrometeorological data and flood forecasting in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal
  • 2. Inflow forecasting and reservoir regulation of Damodar Valley Project
  • 3. Co-operation with Nepal for flood forecasting of rivers common to India and Nepal
  • 4. Monitoring of schemes under general monitoring, AIBP, CAD Programme and restoration of water bodies
  • 5. Appraisal of medium irrigation projects in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Organizational Structure

Chief Engineer, LGB is assisted by Superintending Engineer (C), Patna, Director, M&A Directorate, Ranchi, Director, Monitoring Directorate, Patna and Superintending Engineer, Hydrological Observation Circle, Maithon to discharge his duties. The organization chart is depicted below:

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